Until the Okagami Runaround Omnidirectional Treadmill is in Every Home – Beware the DVT!

On the floor, directly underneath my suspended haptic chair, was my Okagami Runaround omnidirectional treadmill. (“ No matter where you go, there you are” was the manufacturer’s slogan.) The treadmill was about two meters square and six centimeters thick. When it was activated, I could run at top speed in any direction and never reach…

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eSports Health Culling Fields – Game Informer

Game Informer Health Week

Trying to establish the evidence base for what has been posted by the eSports and gaming experts to see what ground has been covered. It looks as though a few years back that Game Informer had a full blown Gamer Health Week! Topics covered included: Hearing Loss A gamers diet Wrist health (e.g. carpal tunnel)…

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