Until the Okagami Runaround Omnidirectional Treadmill is in Every Home – Beware the DVT!

On the floor, directly underneath my suspended haptic chair, was my Okagami Runaround omnidirectional treadmill. (“ No matter where you go, there you are” was the manufacturer’s slogan.) The treadmill was about two meters square and six centimeters thick. When it was activated, I could run at top speed in any direction and never reach the edge of the platform. If I changed direction, the treadmill would sense it, and its rolling surface would change direction to match me, always keeping my body near the center of its platform. This model was also equipped with built-in lifts and an amorphous surface, so that it could simulate walking up inclines and staircases.

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For the majority of people, being a dedicated eSports athlete means a lot of time logged in a chair. Unfortunately, this makes eSports athletes very prone to deep vein thrombosis or DVT. DVT is no joke and for young eSports enthusiasts who log many hours a day in their chairs, even if they are very comfy chairs, can have serious health implications.

Google DVT and I’m sure you’ll find more than enough information to scare you, but it can be easy to remediate! A recent study based on over 1 million people identified that just 60-75 minutes of exercise a day can significantly “eliminate the increased risk of death associated with high sitting time.”

The video below provides you with some tips on battling DVT, but more importantly get yourself up and active so that you can be an eSporter for years to come!

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