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Game Informer Health Week

Trying to establish the evidence base for what has been posted by the eSports and gaming experts to see what ground has been covered. It looks as though a few years back that Game Informer had a full blown Gamer Health Week!

Topics covered included:

  • Hearing Loss
  • A gamers diet
  • Wrist health (e.g. carpal tunnel)
  • Vision Health
  • Healthy sleeping habits

Take a look at their blogs and some of the chats, not bad advice:

This commenter didn’t seem to believe the hype though:

what a stupid news post were all mad at someone for making a health report just like this.and i cant even understand why sleeping on a comfortable couch would be harmful.i played fallout 3 till 2 in the morning and i feel FI….

They do seem a little aggressive though…maybe some more sleep in a comfy bed will help.

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