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This site is dedicated to the eSports champions and champions to be who are out there competing, entertaining, and engaging fans across the world. The world of eSports are made up of athletes that cross cultures, age, gender, income, physicality, and intelligence, and makes for some of the most exciting sports match ups out there! There is one thread that connects them all though and that is the fact that they are athletes of the highest caliber who train, exercise, and dedicate themselves like all sports champions.

Like any other sport professional eSports athletes must keep their bodies and minds highly tuned and peaking in order to be competitive in their respective games. Maintaining peak performance means paying attention to your health, monitoring performance levels over time and learning to analyze how the myriad of physical, mental, and social factors are affecting their ability to remain competitive for days to come. How long have you been playing? What was your regime before your most recent win? Or your most recent loss? How are your wrists? How are your eyes? How much of a break do you need to be able to play to the best of your abilities? The only way to answer these questions and improve your performance is to learn from yourself and learn from others.

Join us here to talk about methods for improving your eSports game beyond game-specific tips and tricks. Let’s talk about your mental and physical gaming self and the impact that has on your avatar. Let’s use this as a tool to create a performance based health system specific for driving the performance of eSports athletes like yourself!

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